About Us
Why Choose us?

Christie & Sons - a specialist stove company in Edinburgh

When making an investment in your home, you need a name you can trust.  Rest assured, with Forest Fire at Christies you will benefit from over 50 years’ experience.  We’ll help you make the right choice. Our well renowned, family-run business offers you free parking, a huge range of products, showroom service and free delivery.  Once you add in competitive pricing you have a winning combination.

Still on the fence?  - 4 ways you'll benefit

  • Reduce your fuel bills by up-to £650 per year (Energy Saving Trust)
  • Help the environment
  • Be warmer
  • Have a stylish heating solution

Stoves have always been a popular way to heat your home. With rising fuel prices they are now a very inexpensive and environmentally friendly yet stylish way to provide warmth and comfort.